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Feeling Festive – Activities in Bright

Bright is a very festive and social place! Chances are good that any weekend you visit, there will be something exciting to explore because 47 weekends out of the year there are events. The most popular or famous are the following:

Audax Alpine Classic – January

Every January the Audax Alpine Classic comes to Howitt Park in Bright, creating a weekend dedicated to cyclists who want to challenge themselves on courses that range from 60 kilometers to 320 kilometers in the Victorian Alps. All rides have specified start and end times and culminate in the free, open-air Bonjour Bright Festival, which offers food, adult beverages, and musicians and artists to entertain all the different stages of life.

Brighter Days Festival – March

Lovers of bikes, music, cars, family fun, and worthy causes will love the Brighter Days Festival. This occurs Labor Day weekend every year and was started to raise money for children’s charities by a group of like-minded friends. The festival has donated over $1 million to the causes it supports since its inception while entertaining its attendees with a weekend of live music and tricked-out cars and motorcycles.

Bright Autumn Festival – April/May

Autumn colours and flavours not only permeate this festival, but they are also the reason for it! The Town of Bright spends a full ten days enjoying its glorious weather and celebrate what the town has produced during the Bright Autumn Festival. There are art exhibits, open gardens, a nut festival, a market, a parade, and even street music! 

Feast High Country Festival – May

The Feast High Country Festival follows right on the heels of the Bright Autumn Festival. This two-week celebration of exceptional food, wine, beer, and cider in the High Country. There is also plenty of activity and entertainment for the whole family—horseback rides, cycling tours to meat pies and wineries and other options abound. If you have ever thought you might be a “foodie,” you do not want to miss this festival.

Bright’s Iconic Rod Run – November 

Whether you love the era of hot rods or are a classic car enthusiast, visit Bright during the second weekend of November for the Rod Run Weekend. Owners of cars from 1977 and earlier take to the streets to show off their automobiles in a street cruise or park them for your inspection and admiration in the Show ‘N’ Shine. There is also a show, live music, great food, and even a carnival!

Farmers Markets – Year Round

Farmers Markets occur once a month in Bright. If you want to experience what the people of Bright can produce, there is no better location to visit than The Bright Make It, Bake It, Grow It, Market. The third Saturday of every month, over 50 vendors get together from 9 a.m. – to sell locally grown produce, plants, flowers, and locally made crafts. The whole family can enjoy the market together as there are activities for children and live entertainment. 

If you miss the third Saturday of the month, don’t worry! There are options for locally produced goods in the surrounding towns. Myrtleford, a town 34 kilometers to the west, has a Farmers Market the fourth Saturday of every month and Mount Beauty, a town 30 kilometers east, has one the first Saturday of every month.  

Entertainment options abound in the town of Bright, and there is always something for all ages and stages of family life. If you are visiting during a weekend that is not listed here, check out Bright & Surrounds for information on other markets in the area and upcoming events.

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