recovery from fast-paced city life

Recovering from a Fast-Paced Life

You probably feel like you know more about your family’s schedule than what is going on with THEM right now. It seems like you are always in motion: work, school, sports, gymnastics, friends, music lessons… Maybe you are lucky enough to share a quick meal together as a family in the morning or in the evening, but it is always sandwiched between two other events, a fight through traffic, and a seemingly endless sea of phone calls and text messages. You find yourself longing for a little bit more time together, a little bit more connection. You also know that you are tired–this constant pace is burning you out.

Sure, there are ways to battle the burnout daily: meditation, exercise, and a good bubble bath to relax your senses are all good options, but what about something on a larger scale? What about a vacation to a place that is free of air and noise pollution, and truly capable of helping you release the tension your body has been holding onto?

You Are Part of a Bigger World

Studies show that time in nature can actually restore your body and your senses on a variety of levels. It can calm your nerves, reduce your anxiety, recharge your brain, and remind you that you are a part of a bigger world. It can also increase feelings such as generosity and empathy, which may be in short order when life is so demanding.

The good news is, you don’t need to convince your family to go live in a tent in the woods to experience these benefits. You can find them while still enjoying a luxurious living environment. The Grace, a luxury home nestled in the heart of the Victorian Alps in the Town of Bright, offers a sensory break and the promise of rejuvenation.

Bright, Victoria

Bright, Victoria is surrounded by mountains and towering pine trees. Snow glistens on mountain peaks during the winter, autumn glows with deep reds and yellows, spring brings vibrant gardens to life and lazy summer days can be spent outdoors enjoying the sunshine. When you vacation in the mountains, you reconnect with the earth, the seasons, your loved ones, and yourself. Minutes and moments matter, and your enjoyment of them is heightened. The Grace allows you to find this reconnection and rejuvenation, while still enjoying all the comforts of home—if not more!

When the fast-paced city life becomes too much, only The Grace can bring back the balance of what matters. Come recharge, rejuvenate, and enjoy every moment with your family at The Grace.

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